Hunter Biden Ukraine Connections

One of the most controversial questions posed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerned a Ukraine development plan designed by Hunter Biden. The committee concluded that while there was no proof that the vice president’s son was personally involved, the committee did “have ‪uncertainty‰ about whether he actually had any involvement.” Was Hunter Biden a credible adviser or an obstructionist in the U.S. government’s attempts to help Ukraine develop a strong economy?


Biden has been the focus of some speculation as to whether he is indeed the person behind Hunter Biden. Biden’s office has denied the allegations and has pointed out that Hunter Biden is actually the name of one of his sons. In other words, Hunter Biden is a business that the vice president maintains his ownership stake in.


But is Hunter Biden worth investing in? Is he a credible adviser or a partisan? Or both? We will look at the facts, but first let’s examine the controversy itself.


The most well-known fact regarding the Hunter Biden affair is that the administration has been trying to promote this Ukrainian-American company for a number of years. The State Department actively promoted its activities, most notably by releasing a press release in 2020, stating that “Ukraine and Hunter Biden is currently building a new bridge between the two countries, which would increase trade in both goods and services, create more jobs for Ukrainian citizens and spur economic growth.” A later State Department press release also noted, “Hunter Biden is making a strong commitment to the development of a strong and stable Ukraine.”


These statements appear to indicate that Biden’s involvement with the company goes back several years. Then came the revelation that Hunter Biden was actually the middleman in a $2 billion Russian investment scheme that was meant to bring down the country’s government. Biden is also linked to an alleged mafia boss who is a former Ukrainian intelligence official.


Is Hunter Biden a credible political adviser or a partisan? The fact remains that we know little, if anything, about his background. But we do know that he has had no prior experience working on the Eastern European political scene.


There are other questions to be asked as well. Are Biden’s views and actions in line with those of the Obama administration?


And even if he is a credible advisor, does that mean that his views are in line with those of the U.S. government and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? It seems unlikely. Does that mean that Biden’s interference in our democratic process is a good idea?


Hunter Biden has been called a “mystery man,” a “shadowy power broker” and a “liberal Trojan Horse.” This is all done in a way to “paint” him as a fringe figure in the Democratic Party. But the reality is that he is not a fringe figure.


If we look closely at his personal life, we will see that Hunter Biden is involved in business. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most prominent investors in New York City. It appears that he is not shy about showing how much of a self-made man he is and how successful he is in business.


What he does not want to discuss, but is open about, is his business ties to Russia. For instance, when he was running for Senate in Delaware, the press released some of the information in an attempt to paint him as a “Putin puppet,” but when you read it closely, it reveals that Biden is a former employee of the president of Ukraine and the current president himself.


So, whether you believe that the Hunter Biden scandal is a fringe affair or not, the fact is that we don’t know anything about him and what he is really up to. In terms of political advice, the answer is “no.”

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