Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

Although Amy Coney Barrett seems like she has the necessary support from the Senate to get confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, the first confirmation hearing this week gives both Democrats and Republicans a chance to question a future Supreme Court nominee in front of an audience of millions of Americans weeks before an election. In fact, many of those who are not politically active or those who are undecided may find this very enlightening.


The next scheduled confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court nominee is expected on October 10th. While most Americans have already heard about Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, there is still some time left for the Senators to ask questions, gather information, and watch for comments made by her and Senator Shelby.


Even if all of the questions that will be asked during the confirmation hearings are predictable and very predictable, the Democrats still have to make their decisions very quickly in order to protect their own political future. In order to do that, they have to use as much of their leverage as they can possibly muster in order to get the most out of their confirmation process.

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