Hair Privilege

For the most part I am balding.  Yes I have some hair left on the sides and back but the top is gone.  If you don’t want glare in your eyes then don’t walk next to me in the sunlight!  So what doe that mean?  It means that statistically I will make less money and find it harder to find a job.  Now I am not complaining, after all I do save a lot of money on shampoo and haircuts.  Not to mention I haven’t bought a comb or brush in like 10 years.

What this means is guys with that full head of hair of hair privilege!  Yes hair privilege exist and we need to put a stop it.  I am pushing for all underwear and singles ads to contain at 10% balding men, I mean really when is the last time you saw an add for men’s underwear where the guy was half bald.  It’s just not fare!

I am just kidding of course but it does show that in society there are all kinds of privileges that can affect ones life for the good or the bad and those privileges can even differ by location.  In my home town of Houston, where are literally hundreds of taquerias, not once have I have ever seen any white or black waitstaff.  But no complaints from me.

Privilege is something everybody has in some way or another so before you start demonizing white people for their privilege realize that almost everybody has some kind of trait that will be a disadvantage in life.  I honestly believe that a good lucking black guy with a full head of hair and 20 years young than me would have  much better chance at most jobs then my 40 something year old balding self.  Yes even age is  privilege in today’s high tech world where experience isn’t valued as much as it was 20 years ago.

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