Sen. Feinstein Is a one issue voter?

So, you are a one-issue voter. Not only that, but you want to be happy and not mad. Then there is the reality that you are in the minority, which should be enough for you to be concerned about your voting. This shouldn’t make you angry or upset, though, especially if you care about other … Read more


Canon is a conspiracy theory that’s been around since the 1980s. It contends that a secret pedophile cult is run by Satan-worshipping pedophiles that are working a worldwide child pornography trade. The story goes like this: a large number of pedophiles have fled to a hidden location, where they’ve organized their crimes into a system, … Read more

Hunter Biden Ukraine Connections

One of the most controversial questions posed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerned a Ukraine development plan designed by Hunter Biden. The committee concluded that while there was no proof that the vice president’s son was personally involved, the committee did “have ‪uncertainty‰ about whether he actually had any involvement.” Was Hunter Biden a … Read more

Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

Although Amy Coney Barrett seems like she has the necessary support from the Senate to get confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, the first confirmation hearing this week gives both Democrats and Republicans a chance to question a future Supreme Court nominee in front of an audience of millions of Americans weeks before an … Read more